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10/14/10 10:22 AM #1    


Mary Ann Moore (May)

Welcome to the Oxon Hill High School Class Of 1961 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

10/22/10 06:00 PM #2    


Judith Meadows (Larson)

This is a good web site. Easy to use. I think we all wonder, from time to time, what happened and to whom.  If classmates use this site, we can feel connected even when we can't "be there." Thanks for all this effort.

10/26/10 07:06 PM #3    


Jean Murray (Slemmons)

Am really enjoying this website - good job all of you who put it together - I sure hope lots of classmates utilize the site - amazing how the world has changed since we graduated, eh? Looking forward to the 50th - mercy, that has GOT to be a mistake!

10/29/10 09:53 AM #4    


Diane Shimp (Spencer)

KUDOS TO TOM AND MARY ANN MAY FOR CREATING THIS WONDERFUL WEBSITE FOR OUR CLASS.  It will be so much fun to keep up with our classmates as the Reunion approaches.  I am looking forward to next June, and spending time with old friends.  Did I really say OLD???  That must have been a typo!  I mean good friends........

11/01/10 08:21 AM #5    

Mary Anita Griffin (Kahler)

 I hope we have a wonderful turn out for the 50th.  Time is passing so quickly and we may never have this opportunity again.  I am looking forward to catching  up with old friends.  The website gives us a great tool to chat before we meet.  May be we should all wear name tags with our graduation pictures, I know I look nothing like I did at 17.  See you in June.  Mary Anita Griffin (Kahler)

11/01/10 01:26 PM #6    


Mary Ann Moore (May)

Mary Anita,

YES, you will be wearing a name tag with your High School Senior picture on it!!!  Ha!  We all have changed and only a few of us are truly recognizeable from 50 years of wear and tear.  Also the print will be large>  How did this ever happen???  I was never going to grow old, but it beats the alternative.    Looking forward to seeing you (with glasses on)  Mary Ann


03/30/11 09:28 PM #7    


Kathleen Maine (Peterse)

wow, you added some new photos to the site. Great work for the team of hard workers!!!!

01/31/12 09:03 AM #8    


Elsa Elsaesser (Pittillo)

Just wanted to say what a great idea it was to create this site and what a great site it is.  To those who have created it and worked so hard on it, thank you.   I really haven't been on the site in awhile, but was prompted tocheck it out again after receiving a couple of Happy Birthday wishes from fellow classmates!  Thanks again.


05/16/12 08:55 AM #9    

Richard Taylor

Well, I will be 70 soon!


I think it is time to update my profile!


Lets see if I get it done by July



06/11/12 05:11 PM #10    


Mary Ann Moore (May)


I have faith you can do it.  Only 19 days left to July 1st!!

Mary Ann

09/05/12 10:56 AM #11    


Mary Ann Moore (May)


You missed the target date!!  Let's see that profile update????  When????

Mary Ann

08/22/15 03:07 PM #12    

Hermine Werle (Stricklin)

Next june?  It's less than a year away!  Hermine Werle Stricklin

02/27/16 09:47 AM #13    

Catherine Clay


I would like to thank every one who sent me birthday wishes.  I am getting ready for the next saga in my life. My daughter Terri and I are driving across country yet again.  This time we are moving to Salem, Oregon. Iwill keep in touch and give my address when get settled. Love all of you and glad we keep in touch via this web site.

02/28/16 10:40 AM #14    

Sandra Lowry (Haupt)

Sorry Cathy.  I don't remember geting a reminder about your birthday.  Hope it is/was a great one! Have a safe trip.

Sandi Haupt

02/28/16 02:18 PM #15    

Linda Breckenridge (Busby)

Wow, Cathy how brave you are. Best of luck on your trip and settling into your new place.

07/22/18 01:49 PM #16    


Elsa Elsaesser (Pittillo)

I posted a note today on Catherine Virginia (Ginny) Smith’s page On this site but not sure that post would be seen here.  I am sad to give this news, but Ginny passed away on July 2, 2018 in Virginia Beach where she has lived for a number of years.  We’ have been friends since 10th grade and have stayed in touch all these years despite the distance between us.  Our phone conversations would last hours.We were in each other’s wedding and she was godmother to my daughter and I was godmother to her son Fred.  I attended her memorial service on July 6.  I miss her already.  Wanted to let you all know about this.  I hope the right person gets this message to edit her profile accordingly.  Thank you.

07/22/18 02:27 PM #17    

Catherine Clay

Omg so sorry to hear about Ginny do you know how to contact family to send condolences 

07/22/18 03:59 PM #18    


Elsa Elsaesser (Pittillo)

Hi Cathy.  Hope you are doing well.  Ginny’s daughter’s contact info is: Joe and Jennifer Varbero, 3721 Cypress Vine Lane, Virginia Beach, VA 23456.


04/07/20 08:52 PM #19    


Jean Murray (Slemmons)

Hi classmates - praying you are all well and handling our new shelter in place status. I hope you are all well, let's hang in there it will be over before too long - I hope. Hugs to all. Jean

12/08/20 04:56 PM #20    

Catherine Clay

I want to take this opportunity to wish all my classmates a Very Happy Holiday and hope the new year brings us all good health. I love this website so I can keep in touch with all of you at one time or another, Please stay safe and practice social distancing.



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